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Game Business - YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube Rewind 2018 – Most Disliked Video in YouTube History

YouTube Rewind 2018 – The Most Disliked Video in YouTube History


WARNING: If you’re easily offended reading discretion is advised.


Youtube Rewind, a video published once a year that you look forward to watch because it’s supporting real content YouTube creators. You see them having fun in creative ways and enjoying success while you’re the part of the story as a viewer. Without viewers, YouTube wouldn’t exist.

Maybe, one day, I can be the next PewDiePie, I can also do a diss track, I can box other YouTubers and BE A CHAMPION. But maybe I’m just watching videos because of different and personal reasons.

From 2012 to 2016, Youtube Rewind put a smile on my face. At least a couple of times during the video. Rewind 2017 was mediocre, and then ladies and gentlemen, Youtube Rewind 2018 was sadly made. As much as I want to like the video, because I support a lot of YouTube creators, I can’t watch it without cringing 1266 times.

The complete project feels like it was made by a corporation to spread positive messages while being payed to follow a script. Listen boss we imagined Merrell Twins and Casey Neistat in a scene together. They’re going to yell: “There’s one thing this video needs, K-POP!”. Brilliant thinking Billy, let’s do that.

Then we’re going to include a lot of unknown YouTubers and make them dance. Yes that idea is genius, continue.

The video currently has 7.4 millions dislikes and it’s healthy on the way of taking over the #1 spot for being the most disliked video in YouTube history. The record is currently held by Justin Bieber with his masterpiece “Baby” (9.7 millions dislikes). What went wrong?



Will Smith: “If I controlled Rewind, I would want Fortnite and Marques Brownlee”. NOOO WILL THERE’S NOT A CHANCE YOU WOULD WANT THAT. As much as this game is likeable to some people, if you’re a Fortnite player there’s a high chance you’re a virgin. Shoutout to nonvirgin Fortnite players, you rock. Imagine that YouTube Rewind 2018 starts off with PewDiePie as the first scene.

He’s jumping from a moving plane and after flying in the air for a couple of seconds he’s opening up his parachute. He’s playing real-life PUBG. After he landed and spent a lot of time looting he finally finds a 8x Scope for his Kar98k. He zooms in and the first thing he sees is a T-Series logo. When he pulls the trigger his song “bitch lasagna” starts to play. Now that’s what I call an intro!!!

Of course, this intro might be edgy for a lot of viewers, but it’s what viewers actually want.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and a lot of Fortnite references were made. Not a single mention of PUBG.

Game Business - YouTube Rewind 2018

Source: Reddit


Where Are Creators That Are Actually Liked?

Creators like PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, Nigahiga, MrBeast, David Dobrik and many more were not included. Some of these creators are the core of YouTube and they defined the platform this year. Pewdiepie had one of the biggest years where he’s managed to stay on the #1 spot. Where’s the fight between KSI and Logan Paul? How about JonTron who made a viral video about Flex Tape? 35 million views for original content and not a single mention in the Rewind? Where is the salute to the rap industry? Eminem and MGK? Eminem’s new album? If you’re including Will Smith as a YouTuber and putting him in the intro, then you could’ve included Eminem too. Just sayin. I have a feeling that Eminem would not accept any business proposals from YouTube though.

If you’re blocking favorite content creators from viewers, you’re stuck with cringy YouTuber script lines that are overproduced. YouTube you need to keep up with memes. Watch a couple of “meme reviews” and maybe we can make 2019 better.

Game Business - Youtube Rewind 2018


Feeling Sorry For YouTubers That Were Included

The power of expression on YouTube is amazing. Acting, singing, dancing, gaming, you’re able to do everything. YouTube is an amazing content platform, but they’re slowing ruining their image. In your opinion, did YouTubers used YouTube and ruined their Rewind with their ideas, or did YouTube ruin content creators with their ideas? Because it’s hard for me to decide between the two.

We’re living in a time where people are hacking thousands of printers so they can write “Subscribe to Pewdiepie”. What an amazing time to be alive. It’s cool that Felix is using all this extra publicity to organize charity events while he’s also promoting content creators he likes. That’s some respect right there.

I would hate to be in the places of YouTubers that were included in this years Rewind. They aren’t the ones to blame, only if they were responsible for making the video.

Game Business - YouTube Rewind 2018

Youtube Rewind 2018 Creators Learning a Lesson

I can barely imagine that the next Youtube Rewind can be worse than this one. This one is going in the history book. We really hope for the best for Youtube Rewind 2019. Also we’re hoping that this year YouTube learns a lesson. I believe they already did. Adding a bunch of YouTubers that are also Fortnite dancers won’t bring you good results.

Including YouTubers that heavily impacted this year should be a priority. If you’re going to exclude them just because they did something wrong in the past, YouTube will slowly collapse.

Also, one of the biggest YouTubers that impacted 2018 is Ninja. He’s a regular streamer on Twitch and he publishes videos on YouTube from his Twitch streams. He is a YouTuber but he’s not at the same time. And seeing him in the video made me cringe so hard.

Game Business - YouTube Rewind 2018

ACTUALLY Reading the Comments

Out of all comments people leave on YouTube videos, this Rewind definitely choose the worst ones. “FORTNITE FORTNITE FORTNITE FORTNITE FORTNITE FORTNITE And maybe a couple of other things”. This is an actual comment YouTube choose for the video. Yes I’m disappointed as you are at the moment. This section of the video makes them so disconnected with the audience.


When they mentioned they need to include comments, I thought they were going to be funny and edgy. The choose comments from users without profile pictures, without any user likes on them and it feels so fake.

Game Business - YouTube Rewind 2018

To conclude, YouTube Rewind 2018 was a cringe fest with a bad script. It included people that didn’t make this YouTube year so big as it is. Next year YouTube will definitely do better, because making a worse video than Youtube Rewind 2018 is really hard. This is an article that isn’t really connected to mobile games and our portal, but I had to get this off my chest. Hope you understand.

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