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Game Business - Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi Mi5 Detailed 2 Year Personal Experience

Xiaomi Mi5 Detailed 2 Year Experience

Without a doubt, Xiaomi Mi5 is the best mobile phone I had in my lifetime. I’m not sponsored by Xiaomi (I can only wish), I’m just saying that I didn’t have a single problem with this phone while using it. To this day this phone still functions perfectly and I’m planning on buying the next version as well. If you’re not able to afford new Apple and Samsung products, this is one of the best mobile phones you can buy with a reasonable amount of money.

In 2016, I had 500$ to spend for a new mobile phone. The Xiaomi Mi5 was recommended to me by my close friends and I believed them because they were using previous versions of Xiaomi. They said they didn’t have a lot of problems with the phone, the price was reasonable and the interface was easy to use. When I finally got the phone, I instantly fell in love with it. It’s simplicity and easy to use interface were the selling point for me.

This is one of those phones that you have to track down yourself, buy upfront and plug your own SIM card into, although for experienced users this is hardly a challenge. Have in mind that I’m not saying you should purchase this phone right now. But if you’re interested in something that’s cheaper than most recognisable brands on the market, you should definitely do research about Xiaomi.


Why Should You Care About This Brand

To be completely honest, you should care about this brand if you want to save money and have a good mobile phone. You’re getting a lot in return, and if you’re not one of those people camping in front of Apple stores for the new iPhone, I’m strongly recommending this phone to you. I don’t want to offend Apple campers, but I’m only saying that there’s an easier solution for buying a good phone.

Currently, this phone is in my property for 2 years. In that time period, there wasn’t a moment of purchase regret. I’m able to use it for college, for work and for everyday activities. Because this phone is for Android users, it’s connected to Google as well. This is also a big plus for me since I use Google Drive on a daily basis. A lot of people suffer from the feeling of missing out if they don’t have the newest iPhone in their hands. Personally, this isn’t an issue for me and if I want to have a good phone, I find the best one for the budget I’m able to spend.

Game Business - Xiaomi Mi5

Source: Noypi Geeks

Gaming Experience

Since we mostly talk about mobile games on this portal, we’re going to mention gaming here too. Xiaomi Mi5 is still able to run most demanding games on the market today. I’m currently an active player of PUBG Mobile. When I installed the game for the first time, I was sceptical about the game performance. I thought that if my phone was 2 years old, there was no way of me playing the game. But I was completely wrong. The game works perfectly, of course with a stable internet connection. And I believe you know that PUBG Mobile isn’t easy to play if you don’t have a good mobile phone.

With Xiaomis specifications, there’s no need to worry about any game that you want to play. That’s what I realized recently since 2 year old phones sometimes don’t work in your favor. There are constantly new mobile phones that are breaching the market. And since there are so many of them, you’re always looking for a new phone to buy. Even if your phone was in use for 1 year, you’re still thinking that it’s outdated.

Game Business - Xiaomi Mi5

Source: Twitgoo


Regular Xiaomi Mi5 Updates

One of the most pleasant experiences that I have witnessed are regular updates. Mostly I have experienced that updates happen in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping. I wake up in the morning with a completely new interface that looks way better. Every update was keeping me hooked on this mobile phone. Just because it was designed perfectly, it provided more value and I was using my phone with ease.

Also with new updates came notifications where they explained what they fixed or improved. This was something I appreciated greatly because I was able to keep track of their development.

Game Business - Xiaomi Mi5

Source: thehackernews


Sound And Camera

Music is really important to me and I wanted to have the best possible music experience with this phone. I’m a Google Play Music user and I have a monthly subscription for music. The sound is simply amazing. I’m able to put my earphones and completely forget about the world around me. The music isolation is perfect and I can’t complain about a single thing. If you’re not a Google Play Music user, there’s a simple way to put music on this phone. Just do some internet research and you’ll be fine.

When it comes to photos, the main camera has 16 MP while the selfie camera has 4MP. I’m able to record, take photos and be satisfied at the same time. That’s enough for me since I’m not a professional photographer.

Game Business - Xiaomi Mi5

Source: Mi Community


Battery Life?

Some people complain about the battery life of Xiaomi Mi5. If the battery life isn’t the same after using one phone for a couple of years, that’s completely normal. I manage to have my current phone active for 4 hours after charging. I play mobile games, I use social media and I talk with my friends or family. That’s enough for me and I wouldn’t complain about the battery at all. If I did have serious problems with my battery, I would just buy a new one. There are a lot of places where you can buy a replacement battery and keep your phone working for many more years.


Game Business - Xiaomi Mi5

Source: Alphr


Thank you for taking the time for reading this article. We recommend that you do some research about Xiaomi and see if you like it or not. Xiaomi Mi8 is the next mobile phone you should keep an eye on. That’s my next purchase.

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