Top 10 Best Gaming Phones in 2020

Hey! Guys today I am back with a new blog and today I have really cool phones, every day new games are getting launched in the market and due to that, the number of players is also increasing. But in most of the phones, you might have faced problems of lagging while playing and that’s the thing which no one loves, so I’m gonna introduce the top 10 best gaming phones to buy and enjoy games.

Top 10 Best Gaming Phones in 2020 Person playing PUBG in mobile

Having a proper phone with good quality of processor and memory is required in order to play those games at much better quality.

Top Games to Play in Best Gaming Phones

So today I have brought 10 gaming phones which will completely change your experience of gaming in a phone. These phones are of top quality and seriously once you’ve played using these phones trust me you’ll forget the problem of lagging.

Now without taking lots of time let’s move ahead with those pretty cool best gaming phones.

 Razer Phone 2

This is one of the best gaming phones which I’ve seen so far and that’s why even on amazon when you’ll read it’s description gaming is specially mentioned over there.

The processor Snapdragon 845 with RAM of 8GB will let you play amazing games without glitches even though if you are playing a heavy game, this phone will give you an amazing experience.

Games like PUBG, Free fire, Clash Royale, Marvel, Iron Man can be played using this phone, and also you will get an amazing screen size of 5.6 inches which will let you enjoy gaming at H.D.R. Many games like PUBG supports this feature.

Asus Rogphone 2

Yet, it is another best gaming phone and can be said as much better than the above-given one. This phone having processor Snapdragon 855 and memory of 8GB with super cool case cooling feature. Any game lover doesn’t want their phones to be overheated and that’s the common thing which I have seen on many phones. But after having this phone trust me you’ll never have to think about it.

If we talk about the display of this phone so it is also something when compared to the above-given phone is much bigger as it’s of 6.59 inches.

Internal storage in this phone is available up to 1TB so you can store as many games as you want on this one of the best gaming phones.

Battle Chasers: Night War, Dead Road To Canada, Star Wars, PUBG and Free fire like heavy can be easily played using this phone without any glitch.

 Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro

With its 7.1 inches of screen and Snapdragon 865 processor this phone stands out of crowd in the market of gaming mobile phones.

Everyone loves to play games at a wide view and angle so if you own this phone trust me you are going to have a super amazing quality.

If we talk about games so as you all know games like PUBG, clash of clans, angry birds, dark knight, clash royale, and iron man can easily be played without any lag or glitches using this phone.

As this phone is having lots of variants in terms of memory so you don’t have to think about the storage issues also using it, as it’s the best gaming mobile.

Top 10 Best Gaming Phones in 2020 Person playing game in mobile

One Plus 7 Pro

Who doesn’t knows about this phone and it’s quality everything of Oneplus Phones is so amazing. Now if we talk about gaming experience using this phone, so easily we can say that it’ll be superb because Snapdragon 855 processor is used in this phone. Even if we talk about the memory of this phone so it’s available in 6GB/ 8GB and 12GB variants.

So having this much of RAM will let you play heavy games coming to the battery point so even if you are playing games all day long so in that case too this phone is pretty much good to give you an excellent performance because of 4000mAH battery life.

The world-famous games like PUBG, Angry Birds, Games from marvel studio and various other can be easily played using this phone, this is also one of the best mobile for games.

Apple iPhone 11

So if you’ve ever played games using an iPhone I don’t think that it’s important for me to mention it’s quality and performance.

Screen size is 6.1 inches which will give you an impressive experience while gaming on it.  RAM is of 4GB and as it comes from a brand like Apple so even this much of memory will let you play heavy games without any issues of lagging.

Top 10 Best Gaming Phones in 2020 iPhone 11 mobile for games

Storage is available up to 256GB on this phone so trust me you can store as many games as you need on this phone.

 Battery is of 3110mAh so here I think you’ll need to carry a charger with u while playing game on this phone.

 Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

 Samsung S20 series phones are better known for their performance only and if you are owning this phone let me tell you that the gaming experience on this phone is pretty cool. With its 6.75 inches of screen and processor of Snapdragon 855, you’ll get a truly amazing game view. Whereas if we talk about the RAM & Internal Storage in this phone so it is 6GB/64 & 128GB, which also seems amazing for a game player in mobile phones.

Battery backup is also of 3300mAh so it can last up to 3 to 4 hours without the problem of charging or any other issues.

Now coming lastly to the games which can be played in this phone so as like other phones firstly I’ll list PUBG then free fire, star wars, supercell games and angry birds like games can be easily played. Galaxy S20 Series are the best phones for games.

Sony Xperia 1

If you love to carry a light and premium phone in your hands then I think this phone can be a better option for you, From a gaming point of view, this phone gives an amazing performance. Coming to the display zone so graphics quality while playing games on this phone will be quite different as it supports 4k resolution screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9.

The same Snapdragon 855 processor is used in this phone too and RAM is of 6GB so in terms of memory too this phone is going to give you an amazing experience.

I can say that some features in this phone are yet to be added and improved in order to make it a complete gaming phone whereas heavy games can also be played using this phone.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 series phones are better known for their performance and that’s why only saying it a gaming phone is not a bad idea. With its 6.7 inches of screen and Kirin980 processor users can easily play games like PUBG, Free Fire, and various others easily.

Even if we talk about the battery life of this phone so here also it has given you a benchmark as 4200mAh of battery will let you play games without the use of charger every time.

Storage comes up to 256 GB so you won’t have to worry that keeping heavy games will let the performance of the device lower.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Another new Samsung phone which is also going to give you a super amazing experience with its 6.8 inches of screen users can enjoy anything on this phone. Even if you love to watch movies then also trust me this phone can give you a super quality. The processor is of Snapdragon 855 and Exynos  9825 so lagging is never going to be an issue when you have this phone.

If we talk about its storage space and memory so that too is also something which will give you a super quality because RAM is of 12GB and internal storage comes up to 512GB.

Battery is 4300 mAh so overheating and drainage is also less in this phone.

Now coming to the gaming section so as you all know that world is crazy for games like PUBG and Free Fire so if you have this phone trust me those games will run smoothly.

Apple iPhone XR

Lastly, I have another iPhone with me which is also good, if we talk about gaming experience in this phone so easily it can be said that it’s also going to give you a different type of view.

With its 6.1 inches of screen and 3 GB of RAM less memory consuming games can be easily used and even storage space is available up to 256 GB, so can store as many games as you need.

Battery life is not so good as it is having as 2942 mAh battery is only given in this phone.

Whereas some heavy games which come from marvel studio and Rovio Entertainment can easily be played. Candy Crush and many others.


All in all the above-mentioned phones are pretty much enough for gaming, so if you are looking for a phone with such kind of features in 2020, I am sure you must visit the specification of the above-mentioned phones. Common issues like overheating and drainage of the battery can never be seen in the above-mentioned phones just go and grab one for yourself.

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