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Game Business - Tencent

Tencent Just Made Mobile Game Development a Lot Easier

Fellow mobile game developers, the future of development of mobile games and eSports is here!

GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2019 in San Francisco is over and today we’re going to cover what exciting news Tencent announced for all mobile game developers. The announcement will directly impact all mobile game developers who will have an easier time developing games while saving money at the same time.

Before we explain what Tencent announced, we’re going to go through some numbers of the mobile gaming industry. According to mediakix, the global gaming market is expected to exceed $180 billion in revenues in 2021, growing 30.6% from $137.9 billion in 2018. At $70.3 billion, the mobile gaming industry accounts for more than half of all global gaming revenue in 2018.

These numbers are mind-blowing and they will only continue to grow. This is why a lot of people are investing their time in development or learning more about it. Every year the challenge of making a viral mobile game is becoming harder than ever.

What Did Tencent Announce?

If you didn’t know already, Tencent is the world’s largest gaming company. One of the world’s most valuable technology conglomerates, one of the world’s largest social media companies and one of the world’s largest venture capital firms and investment corporations. Tencent is also a leading global cloud services provider, and the first in China to be certified by Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE). Its global infrastructure covers 25 regions and operates 53 availability zones in the world with high-speed interconnection.

With their high quality 5T bandwidth and Tencent Anti-DDoS system, gamers are ensured to have a comfortable and secure gaming experience.

Tencent Games has unveiled its Common R&D and Operation System (CROS). The CROS system has many products that were introduced in a case study of PUBG MOBILE.

Game Business - Tencent
Source: gamebuz

What is Common R&D and Operation System (CROS)?

With innovative technology solutions, CROS provides development teams with tools and ongoing support they will need to create high quality gaming experiences across the board. Since we mentioned that the CROS system was introduced by a PUBG MOBILE case study, we’re going to cover what CROS products actually are. These products include Intelligent Network Optimization (INO), G6 (Game R&D Solutions), WeTest and MTP (Mobile Tencent Protect)

PUBG MOBILE supports over 30 million daily active users 24/7 lag free using INO which is a network optimization and transmission support service specially designed for multiplayer real-time mobile fighting games. INO customizes Dual-Channel solutions making sure game data can transfer in the multi-link internal network transmission. As a result, INO helps eSport tournaments reduce the average latency by 90%+ and meet 99.9% of eSports industrial requirements.

G6 technology supports player cross-continental distribution and game matches in PUBG MOBILE with a 24/7 non-stop global data storage function, featuring less than 3 milliseconds result with over 20M data requests per second.

WeTest reduced 90% of testing time and human labor for PUBG MOBILE. WeTest used AI technologies to test the top 500 mobile devices which covers 90% of the game user base. This allowed the team to quickly deploy a high-quality and smooth multiplayer environment.

MTP security provides anti-cheating systems for PUBG MOBILE. MTP has the largest number of cheating tools available in a single anti-cheat tool. In fact this helped PUBG MOBILE prevent cheat tool mutation and provided easy identification and quarantine for the hundreds of thousands of active cheating tools.

The technological power behind this will definitely leave a big impact on the market. Since CROS will shape the future of mobile games, you should be one of the first ones to use this system in your advantage.

Game Business - Tencent
Source: LIAPP

How will CROS help me as a developer?

It’s pretty simple, CROS will offer game developers a chance to test their games out. Not only that but games will generally have more security and a stable network optimization. And if you think that is the end of benefits of CROS, you’re wrong! With everything we mentioned, you’re also going to be able to test out voice chat in your gameplay. Imagine how much money you’re going to save by having these tools beside you all the time?

Since Tencent announced CROS, I believe that game studios are already working on new multiplayer mobile games. These are ideal tools for perfecting such games.

For example, imagine that you’re working on a new game and when it’s finished, you have a product that you’re able to test out, there are no in-game cheaters and there are no connection problems? Well you heard it right, it’s going to be awesome.

Game Business - Tencent
Source: Jobbatical

To conclude, we’re all looking forward to see CROS in action. It will be exciting to see new mobile games that were developed by the help of these tools. Some CROS partners include names like: Epic Games, Garena, Supercell and Miniclip. These names can only verify the quality behind CROS and the bright future developers have.

The quality of mobile games is going to be at its highest peak in the next few years, and we’re definitely not complaining.

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