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We don’t need to highlight how social media impacts the today’s world. Besides you, most of your family members have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts too. Since so many people spend so much time on social media, why not use

4 Mobile Game Mistakes To Avoid Before Launching If you’re a game developer, you’re probably already aware that there are so many apps in the market today. Standing out in such a massive market isn’t easy and the number of

5 Places to Find Mobile Game Beta Testers After long work hours of you and your development team your mobile game is finally ready. What to do next and what is your next big mission? Getting millions of users might be

5 Tips For Making a Viral Mobile Game Are you ready to be as big as the Angry Birds franchise? Their success didn’t come overnight and there’s a high chance your success will not come right away. Before making a viral

How To Get Your First 1000 Mobile Game Users Excited about your new mobile game and looking to find new users? Well a lot of developers share the same dream where their game reaches top charts. What steps are necessary for

One of the core digital marketing and mobile app metrics are CPM and eCPM. CPM - also known as “cost per mille”, is a marketing term used to indicate the price of 1000 ad impressions on one mobile campaign or webpage.

15 Free Mobile Game Promotion Methods Mobile Game Promotion You and your development team created a mobile game and you’re ready to launch, what to do next? If you want to see your game growing day by day the only thing you need

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