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Mobile App Branding Detailed Guide What is the first thing that you associate with a mobile game called Angry Birds? Does a red little bird launched in the air cross your mind? Mobile app branding defines the nature and gameplay of

Best In-App Ad Formats To Use in 2019 First of all December has started and we’re almost at the end of 2018. In fact it was an incredible year for mobile apps and the popularity of apps will continue to

Guide For Mobile App Payment Screens Whether you have a mobile game or an app, there’s a high chance you have in-app purchases as your monetization method. Also there are many apps that need to be paid for before downloading. How

Why App Promo Videos Dominate The Internet In today’s world we’re dependent on social media platforms and mobile phones. We developed a disorder where we’re checking our phones every couple of minutes and seeing what’s new on our news feed or

5 Useful Tools For Tracking App Uninstalls Investing time and effort into making a mobile app is just the beginning. After all that hard work the next step is getting a lot of people to download your app. You can

3 Successful Mobile App Revenue Models Do you have a successful mobile app on your hands? Well if you do and also if you don’t, you need to think about the future. What we mean by future is that you

Mobile Games and In App Event Tracking It’s an exciting feeling to launch a new mobile game and see new users coming in. After your game gets a healthy user base that’s coming back to play again, there is something you

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