Secret Behind Angry Birds Success Story

Today everyone knows about Angry Birds, a very popular game among every age group so have u ever thought that why it got so popular among every user? Why it has nearly 1 million downloads in the Apple play store?

Secret Behind Angry Birds Success
Secret Behind Angry Birds Success

Today, we are going to talk about it only that how a game got this much popularity. So, it all started in Finland the makers of this game had faced lots of failure before the launch of this game too and that’s why this time they were so very scared that what if it will also fail.

Does it sounds familiar? No, I am not talking about Supercell (Clash of Clans). The company Rovio Entertainment having some story which Supercell have, they also got failed many times but soon after the release of Angry Birds, they totally hit the market.

So I am not saying to move to Finland and kill ten games in order to win $1 million. Here I am just saying that even right by sitting at a place you can gain a lot of things only hard work and dedication needed like the creators of angry birds did to make it popular.

How they did it? Angry Birds!

This game is not something about birds and pigs but instead of that they have given you something really different content which I think before its release no one has ever seen. Not only the idea of the game was good but there were some more things which lead to the huge success of this game.

In every application there are many kinds of strategies that they need to utilize but angry bird is only a game that got this much downloads in less time.

A few years back this game was this much popular that even old people love to spent time on this game.

 Optimization In App Store

As I have said that this game application page on the Play Store was totally different and to get success of any application a proper marketing skills plus a very interesting icon needed in order to display your application. And that’s why in angry birds you’ll get their cool thumbnails of games is pretty much enough to attract any user. Also the video preview which Rovio Entertainment has given in this application is something which was totally outstanding and that lead to the success of this game. Angry bird got featured in the Apple Play store as the game of the week and that’s why the rank of this game too came at 1st from 600.

Secret Behind Angry Birds Success
Angry Birds 2 Poster

Strategy of Monetizing

To increase company budget first angry birds offered its services for free but in the application they’ve given in-app purchases and ads which were pretty enough to generate revenue for the company.

So the free version allowed users to play and enjoy the game but when they reach the max or get addicted they were ready to pay in order to unlock further levels. To reserve more space many game studios introduce different companies ads which lead to revenue generation for them too.

After implementing all such things like ads and freemium version it became too easy for Rovio Entertainment to gain the expected results.

I have personally played the freemium version of this game and found out that the game was very much addictive even me at a point was ready to pay for the premium features.

Content Marketing

This step was also a great step taken by Rovio Entertainment to promote the game as for any application it is very much necessary for it to be added on Google Search and also articles are needed relating to game for promotions.

One of the best things which you will find out is that on their official page you will get every particular information related to their management as well as strategy related to the games. We must also not forget about the social media platform which is also very much responsible for the spreading of this game.

Secret Behind Angry Birds Success

Because everywhere on social media when a game gets launched you’ll find out promotions in huge amounts. That’s what angry birds creators also did to attract more and more players at first.

Content Generated By User

It is also a very important point which lead to its success as people nowadays not only love to play games but also love to share their experience with other fans. People nowadays enjoy participating in events produced by Angry birds even if they’re not an addicted player but still they will send their creation for winning the prize. This was also a major point why angry birds got this much of users as it attracted even those who were not addicted to it. Even Angry Bird Mania Created a Campaign to protect birds in Polynesia. Who would have thought that this game will lead to it?

But it all happened due to their brilliant user generated content.

 Cross- Promotion

This was also a great reason why Rovio Entertainment got this much of users as firstly they launched Angry Birds among users and after that they keep on promoting their other games too, as people started thinking that their games are so much addictive so downloads also starts increasing in huge numbers.

Even movies and other stuffs like bags watches related to angry birds got launched which not only generated revenues for them but also attracted customers using this idea.


At last I just want to say that Angry birds got a huge number of downloads and it is also because of the fact that game was addictive.

After reaching to an extent users have to pay for the premium features and once you are addicted to it I am damn sure you’ll get ready to pay for it too.

Not only the freemium idea but their content, icons, video scripting everything was very much fabulous which attracted users at a glance of it. So all in all this game and its strategies were responsible for its growth.

Download & Play Angry Birds

Download for Apple Devices
Download for Android

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  • Secret Behind Angry Birds Success Story
    Today everyone knows about Angry Birds, a very popular game among every age group so have u ever thought that why it got so popular

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