Retention Rate Mobile Games Explained

Hey, guys am back again with a new blog, and this time I am going to tell you about mobile phone games retention rates. Why it is important and what it is. So, for any Game Developer retention is important only because to know the success of a particular game. Just the number of downloads will not give you exact results, so knowing how many people came back to your game after their first login is important. For suppose if a player downloads your game but after once they don’t play it again, you won’t be able to turn them into a paying customer.

Mobile Game Retention rate

For any F2P game as a developer your primary concern has to be game retention, because it is a great method to tell quality and lifetime of any game.

Now what exactly is game retention?  So, basically it tells you the number of players who are still playing your game after their first login. For better understanding let’s take an example, suppose 10000 people have downloaded your game today and 5700 are playing currently. The retention rate will be 57% on day 1. If 4800 people have logged in on day 2 so the retention rate will be 48%.

 Seems, so simple right? Yes, game retention is typically measured in intervals of 1day, 1 week, and 1 month from the date of download.

If we talk about industry standards of retention rates for F2P games are 40%, 20%, and 10%.  There is a lot more but it’s the basic which I am telling you guys. Cohort is another term in game retention which is so very important for one to understand if they own a mobile phone game.

For a better understanding of the cohort let’s take another example, say 1000 downloaded your new game on 2nd of May 2020. These 1000 people who have downloaded your application share common characteristics, so we put them into a group for analytic purposes. And the group which is formed is known as Cohort.

When measuring the retention rate of any game we do with reference to a certain cohort of users. For suppose if 660 people from this cohort open your game on day 1 so the retention rate will 66%. People who have downloaded your application on the 1st of May will not be counted as retention rate. Below I am mentioning a formula to measure retention rate.

Day N Retention In Percentage =  (Number of Players who launched a game on day N/  Number of players who have downloaded your game N days ago) × 100

To better understand the retention rate of any game you should also know about the churn. The retention rate tells you the number of active users whereas churn tells you how many people have never come back. 

Now let’s move ahead and talk about the importance of Retention rate for mobile games.

Importance of Retention Rate In Mobile Phone Games

Now after reading above you might have understood the basics but a question also arises that why it is so necessary? So for any game retention is important only because it’ll give you a determination of your app after a period of time as well as it’s vitality in the future. Not only this but it will also give you an idea that why people are losing interest in your game and after knowing this you can fix those issues to give better experience.

Day 1 Retention

is all about how your app is impressing users.  This is when a user downloads your app and gets to know about the app and user interface, if it’ll attract them they’re going to return but if it’s not attractive trust me they’re never going to come back. Often time we call this experience as Onboarding. For suppose you are a player and installed an app so the first thing which you would like to know is it’s user interface and how it works, if it suits you the app will remain on your phone and if it doesn’t immediately you will uninstall.

Day 7 Retention

Tells you what people think about your application. In short after downloading and knowing everything about the application their experience is your 7th-day retention rate.

Day 28 Retention

is something which is really very important as it will tell you how loyal your player base is because if anyone downloads it and launches it after a month since the download then in future too they are not going to uninstall it. Those users are interested in your core loop of the game and have understood the user interface as well as graphics of your game. From here you need to keep on giving them new updates and more likely to encourage them to open their wallets. If we talk about the ideal progression rate for any user so it has to be Installation, Onboarding, Returning to the game, and at last making purchase.


So at last after reading I hope you might have all get an idea of what really is game retention and why it is important. Yes, if your user base is strong in future you’ll hit on play store but if you don’t know anything about your users trust me you can never give them what they’re looking for. Now if you also own a game and not getting proper response first thing which you should do as per me is to know about the retention rate of your game.

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