PUBG Mobile Success Story

Hey, I am back again with a new blog, and this time I am going to tell you about the success story of another game which is so popular among everyone. Yes, you read it right the world is going crazy for PUBG mobile. Everyone, be it a small age group boy or an old man people of every age is totally addicted to this game, Let’s dive into PUBG Mobile Success Story.

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But, have you ever thought that why this game got so much popularity among every smartphone user? So, don’t worry today I am going to reveal the success story behind this game.

PUBG Mobile Success Story – Idea

As everything started in the month of March, the game officially got launched on PC as it’s a famous multiplayer royale battle game. This game got designed by Brendan Greene and developed by PUBG corporation. Now after a year right after the release on PC, Tencent gaming which is a Chinese gaming company introduced it to mobile phones for both the platforms Android as well as Apple.

Everyone who’s reading it I think you all know the concept of this game and don’t need to elaborate it briefly. You can play this super cool game with your friends by making a squad of four players.

How PUBG Mobile Got Success?

As we already have discussed some points like who developed and what is the concept of this game now let’s move on to its marketing strategy and a few other things which had given it a huge success.

Soft Launch

As I’ve already told you that this game was firstly launched on Desktop and later on after a year they decided to launch it on mobile but still they don’t want to take any risk and that’s why only firstly they launched this game for all the mobile phone users in Canada only. Now the motive behind this was to test the functioning of the game on mobile phones and see how many people are getting towards its mobile version. This not only helped them to see audience reaction but also played a good role in eliminating the errors which were in the game. One most important was also that the game was in beta version a week before when it got launched worldwide.

This strategy leads them to test the game from every single side and also helped them to fix the major errors which were available in the small version.

Going Worldwide

China the land of mobile phone gamers and due to that only this game got so much popularity, Tencent gaming was the only one who introduced it to mobile phones, and now you might be thinking that it was firstly launched in China so you are right.

But right after the soft launch it was launched for the users in the United States and 122 different regions. Now I don’t have to say that how good results were in the mobile phone version as not only people were playing it on PC but also on mobile phones.

PUBG Mobile Success Story

It was a real victory for the developers as the game came with few changes when compared to the PC version especially the control which also attracted more and more players.


Do you remember those games where players used to play with tricks in order to win the game? Yes, there are some of them on google play store as well as iOS store, but here in this game PUBG has totally changed it, you can’ t used any type of cheating mechanism in this game which leads to its more success. Whereas, if we talk about major changes which they keep on doing time to time is also a reason behind its huge success.

Free To Play

This trick is so common and has already been used by many other gaming industries that PUBG also used. Here they have firstly introduced a freemium version that can be downloaded free of cost directly from play store and right after that once the user is addicted to the game, they’re ready to make purchases. But the thing they haven’t used is that here like other games you don’t need to pay in order to play further levels all are free of cost. Some in-app purchases like U.C, Royale Pass, and many more are chargeable.

So this trick mostly attracted the users some want to play without paying and some are paying huge amounts to enjoy the gaming experience.

PUBG Mobile Success Story Final Thoughts

PUBG game was so popular since start itself but people were not aware of the mobile version and that’s what played a big role in success. They’ve introduced it to both the platforms and more users got attracted. Not only this but gameplay is also something which attracted users it is really a very good time pass to do with your friends and family.

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