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Game Business - Popup Ads

Creating Mobile Game Popup Ads That Actually Work

If we asked what do you think about popup ads in mobile advertising, what would you respond? Most of people think popup ads are annoying and they close them immediately. In most cases they seem aggressive and over the top.


What if we told you there are ways of creating effective popup ads?

The only reason why people might not like popup ads is because of their bad design, poor usage of words or bad user experiences. Digital marketing trends are changing every day and if you manage to adapt those changes to popup ads – bingo!

Since popups are mostly used for collecting data, they’re instantly improving your chance for better conversion rates or downloads.

According to Sumo, the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%. For example imagine if you had 100,000 visitors on your website and 3,000 downloads for your mobile game.

So today we’re going to cover a few steps you need to make so you can have an even higher conversion rate!


Timing Needs to Be Perfect

Let’s say you wrote an article about your mobile game and it takes 10 minutes to read it. User comes on your website, starts reading your article and a popup screen appears. In a matter of seconds, you’re going to have a potential user that left your website.

On the other hand, if you time your popup ad to show after 10 minutes of reading, then you’re doing it right. Just imagine if your article is so well written that the only thing a user needs is a popup window that offers him to download the game. Perfect timing it is!

One of the best ways you can combine popup ads is with rewarded video ads.

Game Business - Popup Ads

Source: Bananatag

Popup Ads Should Not Cover The Entire Screen

Imagine you’re playing a highly addictive mobile game, and suddenly a popup ad appears and covers the entire screen. You’re just annoyed by it and without stopping you’re clicking the X button. Not only it’s annoying, but you can be penalized by Google if you take too much screen space. You’re just interrupting user experience and not letting users play your game.

Solving this problem is pretty simple, just make smaller popup ads that appear in the top or bottom corners. They’re still serving their purpose and they’re still visible.

Game Business - Popup Ads

Source: Wired

Choose Your Words Carefully

As we previously mentioned, bad popup ads can be caused by the poor choice of words. Powerful and meaningful call-to-action ads will improve your chances of getting a lead or a conversion.

If a user stayed on your website for a couple of minutes, use that in your advantage. Create user-friendly popup ads that they’re going to connect with. After all, you control where your popup ad will appear.

For example a popup ad for a mobile game could look something like this: “Do you like the story and the concept of our game? Claim your first 10,000 FREE coins here.” With the download button below the text. Simple as that!

Game Business - Popup Ads

Source: Medium

Visual Identity

It’s easy to say that your popup ad should be unique and creative. But unique and creative can also mean that you have the simplest design possible. It doesn’t need too much colors, fonts or words. You can use one powerful sentence, have a small box where users will their emails or have a download button.

Game Business - Popup Ads

Source: Instapage

As with any marketing tactic, popup ads are all about delivering the right message, to the right audience, at just the right moment. So whether your ads work or not is dependent on the strategy behind implementing a pop-up in the first place.

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