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Game Business - Mobile Game Mistakes

4 Mobile Game Mistakes To Avoid Before Launching

4 Mobile Game Mistakes To Avoid Before Launching

If you’re a game developer, you’re probably already aware that there are so many apps in the market today. Standing out in such a massive market isn’t easy and the number of successful apps isn’t that big.

To have a successful mobile game you need to be careful about the things you do before you launch. Developing a mobile game definitely isn’t easy, but there are so many other things to have in mind too. If you want to launch your game just to make a quick buck, you can forget about your game becoming the next mobile game hit.

But if you spend enough time on the things that matter, you can be sure you’re on the right track. Today we’re going to cover some of the most common mobile game mistakes you should avoid.

Forgetting About ASO

You’d be surprised how many developers forget about App Store Optimization. You can have a potential viral game in your hands, but without ASO that viral game can be easily forgotten. Thinking about app store optimization before you launch is crucial if you want to increase your app traffic. With the right use of keywords, your game can be recognizable and easily found in app stores.  

Experienced developers know ASO brings more downloads, but it also brings more positive app reviews and ratings.

According to Forrester, 63% of all app downloads are directly attributed to app stores. With having that number in mind we strongly recommend that you don’t ignore ASO.

Game Business - Mobile Game Mistakes

Source: Meatti

Ignoring Your Target Audience

There are a lot of potential users just waiting to play your game. How are you going to make them interested so they install and keep playing? Always be a few steps ahead of your users and do your market research!

If you’re able to create your ideal user, you’re going to be able to create a user base. So many things are decided when you know your target audience. For example you can decide the difficulty of your levels depending on your audience.  Also you’re able to see the parts of your game where you need to improve and where are your biggest engagement levels.

Game Business - Mobile Game Mistakes

Source: Onsight

Not Updating Regularly

Android and iOS updates happen mostly once in a month or a few months. If you want to avoid bugs and crashes you will need to make sure your mobile game is compatible with these updates. By ignoring updates, your mobile game will become unplayable. It will lose it’s standing in the app store and users will never come back.

Game Business - Mobile Game Mistakes

Source: ThemeFuse

Mobile Game Mistakes – Beta Testers?

If you launched your game before it was tested by at least 200 people, you made a big mistake. Beta testers will lead your game to success or failure. Even if you spent hours and hours developing your game, there’s a chance people will not like it. You need to be prepared for that and beta testers will give you honest opinions which you need.

If you don’t know where to search for beta testers, here are a few places where you can find them.

Game Business - Mobile Game Mistakes

Source: Instabug

There are many more mobile game mistakes which you can make before launching, but today we covered the most important ones. In the near future we’re going to cover more mobile game mistakes so you can have a successful game on your hands. Until then good luck with developing and we hope you follow our advices!

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