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Game Business - Mobile Game Retention Rates

How To Improve Mobile Game Retention Rates

How To Improve Mobile Game Retention Rates


Mobile games keep a lot of people occupied on a daily basis. We’re playing games when we’re waiting for the bus, when we’re sitting on the toilet, before we go to sleep and the list goes on and on.

According to statista, the daily time U.S. Millennials spend using mobile devices grew from 107 minutes in 2012 to 223 minutes in 2017. What is more, between 2016 and 2019, mobile internet usage time in the country is expected to grow from 155 daily minutes to 190 minutes per day, representing a 22.5% growth within the three years measured.

To get users for your mobile game might seem easy because there are various marketing tactics that could help you a lot. But the main problem for developers is keeping those users. If a user downloaded your game, the most important thing you can do is to develop a trusting relationship that will last.

Retention rate is one of the metrics that gives you an insight for your game performance and user experience. It’s one of the most important metrics to track in games and apps.

It’s important for us that we give you valuable information so you can grow your business. Because of that we’re going to give you a few tips on how to improve your mobile game retention rates.


First Time User Experience

Have in mind that someone choose your mobile game over millions of other apps and games on the app store. How are you going to make him feel special playing your game? How is their first gaming experience going to look like? When users download your game, they want to play it. They don’t want to see unnecessary ads before they even begin to play. If you have a free game, the only way you’re going to monetize from it is through in-app purchases or advertising. But no one is going to buy something from you from the first visit. You need to build a good relationship so users aren’t annoyed when you show them an ad or when you send them special in-app promotions.

Game Business - Mobile Game Retention Rates

Source: Coderwall

Why Is Your Game Beneficial?

What value does your mobile game provide? What will users feel when they play it? Is your mobile game good for relaxation, reflexes or increasing productivity? Everything good about your game needs to be obvious for your users. They need to feel like they’re playing your game because they are benefiting from it.

Obviously, mobile games aren’t always designed so they improve your cognitive skills, but fun and addicting mechanics are enough for users to keep coming back.

Also it’s extremely important that your users have the freedom to explore when they start playing. If your game is more complex, make sure you have step by step tutorials for easier access of the game features. This way they’re going to like the game from the start and they’re going to be able to freely explore other features.

Game Business - Mobile Game Retention Rates

Source: APA

Bonus Content and Gifts

We already mentioned how important is first user playing experience. But how are you going to make it even better? Everyone likes free things, especially if you give something for free even before users start playing. Imagine how would you feel if you got free stuff in the first visit of the mobile game.

It might sound like you’re bribing them to play, but everyone is doing it. After all your main goals are that your users are happy and that they return to play your game. The steps necessary to achieve those goals are less important and everyone has its own ways. Give users some premium currency that allows them to buy a significant upgrade. Not only are you rewarding them for their time, but you are teaching them how to make another purchase later. Mobile game retention rates will go through the roof if you manage do this properly.

Game Business - Mobile Game Retention Rates

Source: MobileSyrup


If You Invite 10 Friends, Here’s 10,000 Coins

When you have an active user playing your game, here’s what you should do. If they’re addicted to your game, there’s a high chance they are willing to promote it. Many people write a Facebook status about the games they’re playing. Make a small pop up window that they’re able to invite friends to your game through social media. And of course if they invite a certain number of friends, reward them properly. Don’t be too annoying when it comes to push notifications of course. If you constantly invite users to invite friends, it might seem a little bit agressive and you might lose an active user.

Game Business - Mobile Game Retention Rates

Source: Super Bingo

Improve Your Mobile Game Retention Rates Today!

We sincerely hope that your mobile game retention rates improve after reading this article. We always appreciate feedback if you agree or disagree with our opinions. Good luck with retaining your users and if you’re interested in reading more about retention rate and how to calculate it we wrote a detailed post couple of months back.

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