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Game Business - Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday Marketing Tips for Mobile Games

Holiday Marketing Tips for Mobile Games

Holidays are perfect times for relaxing and enjoying free time. Most people don’t work on holidays so they have more time for trying out new things. What we mean by new things are new apps and mobile games. If you’re a game developer and holidays are coming in, it’s time to get creative!

During the holidays, most mobile games have limited offers with special discounts that can attract users to buy something. Most games even change the design of the whole game interface because users feel more comfortable playing. For example, Halloween was last week and most games at least added a few pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts in their interface.

According to Wordstream, one-third of shoppers report holiday weekend purchases were driven by promotions. Of course we can’t guarantee this statistic for mobile games too, but it makes sense that if you advertise your mobile game in the right time, it will show results.

Today we’re going to give you a couple of holiday marketing tips you should follow so you start increasing your download numbers!


Timing Is Everything

According to Apple, App Store customers around the world made apps and games a bigger part of their holiday season in 2017 than ever before, culminating in $300 million in purchases made on New Year’s Day 2018.


Let that number sink in for a while and start to think about your strategy for this year. If you’re mostly targeting English speaking countries, then you should be familiar with their holidays. For example upcoming holidays for United States are holidays like Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Creating special offers for those holidays in the right time can bring you some valuable downloads and loyal users.

Game Business - Holiday Marketing Tips

Source: 5ine

Keeping Track of Relevant Statistics

Seeing how much your engagement changes during the holidays will give you important statistics. Maybe you’re going to find your ideal audience or maybe you’re going to see what needs to be changed in your campaigns. If a lot of people download your mobile game during the holidays, they downloaded it because they have free time and they’re willing to test it.

Being one step ahead of them and encouraging them to play after the holidays is crucial. To be one step ahead of them is to make sure you know how they downloaded your game. This is done by In App Event Tracking.

Around holidays users tend to search for different things, whether they’re searching for presents or cake recipes. So we would definitely recommend that you optimize holiday keywords.

Many keywords are seasonal, so if you’re ranking well for your main keywords, you’ll pick up on a ton of extra free traffic. Holiday SEO takes time, so if you want to rank in December, you need to start as soon as possible. The results will come in approximately 6 months, sometimes it can take even more.

Game Business - Holiday Marketing Tips

Source: Business Reporter

Updated Game Interface

People love to play games that have regular updates. Not only because those updates fix bugs or crashes, but also because of visual updates. Imagine you’re playing Angry Birds and it’s Valentine’s Day. Most certainly there’s going to be new characters with bonus levels and a changed visual identity.

The same thing should be incorporated into your mobile game. For example let’s say you have a car racing game. If it’s Christmas, what things can you think of that would be appropriate to change? Well you could add sleigh bells with reindeers and Santa inside of them or just add festive decorations to your existing cars. If you have race tracks, you would be able to add snow pine trees around them while cars are racing.

There are endless options when it comes to updated game interfaces. You just need to be creative and have limits. By having limits we mean that you should not exaggerate details added to your game. It’s cool to update according to holidays, but it’s not cool that holidays take over your complete game.

Game Business - Holiday Marketing Tips


Holiday Marketing Tips Are Here For Free

As much as holiday marketing tips are all around the internet, we believe we provide value. We advise that you use holidays in your marketing strategies and that you use them wisely. If you advertise or update your game during the holidays make sure you know what you’re doing. Choose the right time, keep track of relevant statistics and make sure your visual identity is on point. Even the smallest details matter and one picture can attract a lot of downloads.

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