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How To Get Your First 1000 Mobile Game Users

How To Get Your First 1000 Mobile Game Users

Excited about your new mobile game and looking to find new users? Well a lot of developers share the same dream where their game reaches top charts.

What steps are necessary for you to reach your first 1000 mobile game users? How are you going to attract them without a big budget?

When your mobile game is ready, your first users should be treated like family. Even if you have 10 people playing your game, they’re still spending time playing something you created.

There’s no need to rush anywhere so getting fast results shouldn’t be your priority. Getting users that are going to return to play your game should be your number one priority.

In this article we’re going to cover what is necessary for you to get your first 1000 users!

First Users are The Most Important Ones

Like we already mentioned, your first mobile game users should be treated like family. You should have a friendly approach to every user that spends time playing your game.

When your game is launched, there is a possibility that you’ll have some problems along the way. One of those problems can be game issues, like bugs or crashes and your users will definitely notice that. When someone notices your game has problems, make sure that you fix those problems in the next update.

Don’t hesitate to send emails, invites to different events and treat users like you would treat your friends. Make them understand that you’re open to discussions and that you value their opinion.

Remember that the way you treat your first users will leave a mark on your customer support in the long run.

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Source: General Assembly

Comfortable In-Game Experience

No one will like their gaming experience if it feels complicated. If you’re able to make a game where they’re only a few clicks away from playing, you’ll have a successful game on your hands.

In many cases virality of certain mobile games was determined on their simplicity. For example let’s take Flappy Bird. One bird is jumping through an endless tunnel of pipes and the whole world was addicted to it.

Do you have the potential to make something so simple go viral? Well, try it out!

Game Business - Mobile Game Users

Source: iMore

Keep Track of Your Competitors

According to Statista, in 2016, U.S. gamers were believed to play an average of 3.6 mobile games per month. The most popular mobile game genre to be downloaded in the United States as of July 2016 was arcade, with 63.1 million downloads, closely followed by action games which recorded 61.5 million downloads.

Having this in mind, imagine how many mobile games are out there that have a similar gaming concept? In order for your game to improve, be familiar with your competitors. Add something that your competitors didn’t think of. For example add a useful feature that you will include in your advertising campaigns.

It’s easier said than done when you’re trying to make an unique game. Just remember that you wouldn’t make a mobile game in the first place if you weren’t passionate about it. So adding something that other people didn’t think of shouldn’t be too hard.

Game Business - Mobile Game Users

Source: Statista (Mobile Phone Gaming Penetration in US)

5 Star Reviews

Asking for feedback in appropriate situations is a win-win situation. If a user had a good experience playing your game and you’re asking them for a review make sure your timing is right. The best time would be after they finished playing or when the game is paused. After you know what’s the right timing, you also need to have a polite approach. It doesn’t necessarily need to be polite, but it must make a user feel comfortable or entertained.

Getting 5 star reviews isn’t easy and in the first stages of your game there will be people who will notice the smallest mistakes. The people who notice those mistakes aren’t trying to ruin your game, they’re giving you feedback and where you should improve.


Game Business - Mobile Game Users

Source: Touch Stay


Mobile Advertising Channels

Luckily for you, today there are countless platforms where you can advertise and spread word about your game. You don’t even need to have a big budget to test things out. Considering a boost campaign (i.e. on Facebook) for a few days will not lose you a lot of money and you’ll have a chance to meet your target audience.

If your advertising is working and mobile game users are downloading your game, then you’ll need a different approach. While downloads are important, in-app revenue growth is crucial so you can continue with your game development. You can see here how it’s done.

Game Business - Mobile Game Users

Source: Business of Apps

Facebook Groups

Struggling to find a way to promote your game for free while also attracting people to test your game? Join a Facebook group, it’s simple as it sounds. So many Facebook groups encourage developers that they should share their work.

By joining a group, you’re already targeting the right audience, many developers will be interested to test your game and there’s no need to invest money. Reaching the biggest interest always comes with showing a video promo of your game and a download link so they can try it out for themselves.

Important thing to note is that establishing a connection between you and other group members before posting your game will bring you more engagement.

Game Business - Mobile Game Users

Source: Indie Game Promo Facebook Group

Content Platforms besides Facebook

Facebook groups will give you results, but there are other content platforms you should have in mind. The ones we have in mind are: Reddit, Hackernews,, Lockerdome and many more. These platforms will help you promote your app for free, while there’s also a chance you’ll get new mobile game users.

Have in mind that there is much more than just copy/pasting a link to your game on these platforms. Writing an article about your game might bring better results than just a simple download link.

Congratulations on your First 1000 Mobile Game Users!

If you’re able to follow the things we mentioned in this post, you’ll have your first 1000 users in no time. Be unique, creative, add some new things to your game and most importantly, don’t ever forget about your users. They are the ones who will keep your game up and running.

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