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Why App Promo Videos Dominate The Internet In today’s world we’re dependent on social media platforms and mobile phones. We developed a disorder where we’re checking our phones every couple of minutes and seeing what’s new on our news feed or

Youtube Promotion For Mobile Games Explained How many times a day do you see Youtube video ads? If you’re not using ad-blocker, we would guess the answer is a lot. The best way you can spend your money when you’re advertising

Mobile Retargeting Campaigns Fully Explained Imagine you’re scrolling through Wish and you’re really close to buying a new pair of headphones. You’re adding them to your cart, you’re almost ready to purchase, but then you change your mind. Marketeers at Wish

5 Useful Tips for Promoting Paid Mobile Games When you’ve finished with developing your mobile game, it’s time to choose whether your game should be free or not. These days, free mobile games dominate the market because it’s easier to get

Holiday Marketing Tips for Mobile Games Holidays are perfect times for relaxing and enjoying free time. Most people don’t work on holidays so they have more time for trying out new things. What we mean by new things are new apps

Using Mobile Geolocation For Targeting the Right Audience The trend of mobile geolocation has a massive impact in the mobile app industry. To put it short, geolocation is collecting user data in form of physical locations. Imagine how many businesses can

If we asked what do you think about popup ads in mobile advertising, what would you respond? Most of people think popup ads are annoying and they close them immediately. In most cases they seem aggressive and over the top.

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