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Holiday Marketing Tips for Mobile Games Holidays are perfect times for relaxing and enjoying free time. Most people don’t work on holidays so they have more time for trying out new things. What we mean by new things are new apps

Using Mobile Geolocation For Targeting the Right Audience The trend of mobile geolocation has a massive impact in the mobile app industry. To put it short, geolocation is collecting user data in form of physical locations. Imagine how many businesses can

If we asked what do you think about popup ads in mobile advertising, what would you respond? Most of people think popup ads are annoying and they close them immediately. In most cases they seem aggressive and over the top.

We don’t need to highlight how social media impacts the today’s world. Besides you, most of your family members have Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts too. Since so many people spend so much time on social media, why not use

5 Places to Find Mobile Game Beta Testers After long work hours of you and your development team your mobile game is finally ready. What to do next and what is your next big mission? Getting millions of users might be

5 Tips For Mobile Game Cross Promotion Creating a mobile game definitely isn’t easy and it takes a lot of effort to even begin making one. If you have a collection of multiple mobile games you’ve created, today we’re going

Mobile Device IDs Function Explained Collecting data from your potential mobile game users can be a complicated process. To make that process easier, the thing you need to focus on is personalizing to your customers needs and desires. From time to

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