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App Landing Page. Is it absolutely necessary? Ask any successful app owner and you'll get a positive response. Landing Page is basically a single page where you present your app with the purpose to intrigue people with your work and to let them

Trends in the mobile game industry aren't the same as they once were and we can thank casual games for that. They continue to dominate the app store’s charts with more and more downloads in this genre, but what makes

After finishing an app it’s time to put out on the market. But before you do that, you need feedback data to optimize your app for a widespread release.  A soft launch is a limited release of your app, usually on

Retention rate is one of the metrics that gives you an insight for your game performance and user experience. It’s one of the most important metrics to track in games and apps. Retention defines the percentage of users that return. It’s

In a world of a digital marketing, metrics play an important part in tracking cost-effectiveness in add campaigns. The topic of this article is cost per install (CPI) and how it's used to calculate profitability regarding user acquisition. To start we'll

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