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Hi there, my name is Kristian and I'm the editor-in-chief of Over the past 5 years, I've been perfecting my craft in mobile marketing & online media. My other passions are music, guitars, FPS games & tennis. At we're covering all you need to know about mobile game business!

Why Should You Make Mobile Games In 2019? As a lot of marketers struggle to find their best revenue incomes, it’s sometimes hard to switch to a completely new project. It’s out of your comfort zone, you’re using mobile games just

5 Steps For Making a Perfect Mobile App User Interface If you download a mobile game or an app, what is the deciding factor for you to keep using it? The most important thing you can feel while using an app

5 Main Reasons Why Android Is Better Than iOS   The ultimate battle between two biggest competitors besides Pepsi and Coca-Cola. This battle lasts for a long time now. You can always start a discussion if you mention that Android is better

YouTube Rewind 2018 - The Most Disliked Video in YouTube History   WARNING: If you’re easily offended reading discretion is advised.   Youtube Rewind, a video published once a year that you look forward to watch because it’s supporting real content YouTube creators.

Top 3 Crucial Mistakes To Avoid As a Mobile App Startup Are you on your way of making an awesome mobile app that everyone is going to use? Well we congratulate you for your hard work! You and your development team

Xiaomi Mi5 Detailed 2 Year Experience Without a doubt, Xiaomi Mi5 is the best mobile phone I had in my lifetime. I’m not sponsored by Xiaomi (I can only wish), I’m just saying that I didn’t have a single problem

Mobile App Branding Detailed Guide What is the first thing that you associate with a mobile game called Angry Birds? Does a red little bird launched in the air cross your mind? Mobile app branding defines the nature and gameplay of

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