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App Launch Screen – Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to mobile apps & games, the first thing that a user sees is the app launch screen

App launch screen is also known as the splash screen.

How important is the first impression?

While your app or game is loading, the launch screen needs to keep a user interested and patient while he’s waiting.

What Is an App Launch Screen?

Netflix, Twitter and Facebook App Launch Screen

The first thing you see when you open an app is called an app launch screen (splash screen). Some things you’re able to see when you enter an app are logos, titles or an image that’s connected to your app. 

What’s The Secret Behind it?

There’s no secret behind launch screens. For every app developer, this is a necessary step if you want your app to get recognized.

Although welcome screens only come into view for a while, it is important that users connect with your brand through it. If you’re questioning yourself if you really need this for your app, the answer is – YES!

To help you make a good first impression, here are a few steps you should follow.

User Experience

Game Business - App Launch Screen - User Experience

Source: ExtraDigital

The launch screen is a user’s first experience of your app. A study of websites by researchers at Northumbria and Sheffield Universities reveals how first impressions are 94% design related. Only 6% of the feedback was about the actual content.

If your app or game has a load phase that takes longer than 15 seconds consider adding a loading screen to show the progress. Giving your users a clear indication of how long they need to wait will make them more patient.

Also, have in mind that if you have a small app which is used multiple times during a day a splash screen could be annoying and encourage users to uninstall your app.

Acquiring Loyal Users

App launch screen with your company logo can influence users because your app or game will be easily recognizable. If they like what they see, they might try out other games that your team has created so it’s a win-win situation. Apple and Google both recommend app launch screens for improving a customer’s experience, and as the two leaders of the market, their recommendations matter.

Acquiring loyal users translates directly to an increase in revenue. According to Bain, repeat customers spend on average 67% more than new customers so if your user is happy on the first visit, your revenue is much more likely to increase.

Game Business - App Launch Screen

Source: MyTechnology


Using the Right Size and Resolution

First, keep in mind that resolution of your app launch screen should appear in the highest possible quality. An image that is perfect will get noticed by users in a really positive way since your app launch screen is a placeholder for your main page.

Many developers say that you should create three app launch screens, the only difference between them is their size – small, medium or large. This is crucial since there are millions of mobile phones with different screens and resolutions, so making sure your launch screen works on every mobile phone should be your number one priority.

Google offers general information for screen sizes while Apple recommends providing Xcode storyboard or a set of static images for all devices. For iOS apps, you will be encouraged to go with the first option.  


Game Business - App Launch Screen

Source: iPhone Development 101

Keeping it Simple But Interesting

Don’t be afraid to be creative with colours, logos and the first impression you want to make. To be creative also means that you can use simple designs which don’t have a lot of text or unnecessary ads.

Since we mentioned ads, don’t use them in your app launch screen at all, since the first impression you’re going to make is that you made your app only for revenue and not for users.

An important thing to mention is that users have to notice that your app or game is loading and that it isn’t stuck in just one place. For example, a lot of popular games have regular updates that appear on the loading screen. So if a returning user is coming to play again, he will wait until the update is downloaded.

Not every user has the same phone and the time to boot your application may vary. Making sure that your loading screen keeps the user patient, because it will make an impact on their enjoyment of your app or game.

Fun Experience For Every User

If your company has a really cool theme or style, be sure that your users know that. Even with an app launch screen, you can show how unique your character of the app is. If you find something that is related to your game and you also find a good way to include it in your launch screen, do it immediately!  

Transforming a few seconds of waiting for a great experience can mean a lot, especially if it’s a fun experience that your user will enjoy.  

Game Business - App Launch Screen

Source: Xnuos

Excluding buttons from your app launch screen is something you should also have in mind. Launch screens are static images, and users won’t be able to interact with the buttons, which will annoy the users and possibly make them leave.

Creating a relaxed feeling for your users is the key to making them stay, so be sure that you don’t stress them out with too much information on your app launch screen.

App Launch Screen & Next Steps

To summarize connecting to a user in a matter of just a few seconds isn’t easy, but these are the tips that you can and you should follow. Standing out is always good, just make sure that your launch screen doesn’t stand out too much. Keep it simple, unique and make sure you keep your users interested.

By leaving a good first impression, your app or game will be built to last. Take your time to explore and to see your possibilities. Always have a few different options. See what’s going to work the best for you since your launch screen will express your style and make you relevant or forgettable.

If something is unclear, or you need help with your launch screens! Be sure to comment below or ask me anything that you want on here.

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