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Game Business - Beta Testers

5 Places to Find Mobile Game Beta Testers

5 Places to Find Mobile Game Beta Testers

After long work hours of you and your development team your mobile game is finally ready. What to do next and what is your next big mission? Getting millions of users might be your answer, which is a correct one, but first and foremost you need to test your game out.

It’s normal to think that you have a perfect app since you dedicated a lot of time into it. Just make sure that you don’t rush with publishing and everything will be fine. Successful mobile games started with a lot of testing and user feedback. Beta testers can and will show how much your mobile game is actually worth.

Since we’re here today to tell you where to find your beta testers, take a closer look at our list:

1. Facebook Groups Beta Testers

The reason why Facebook groups are number one on our list is because they’re definitely the best to use. There are so many groups on Facebook where you can share your game for free and kindly ask for people to play it. Some Facebook groups even count 100,000 members where you can promote your game for free.

The community on Facebook is possibly the strongest one when it comes to beta testers. The reason behind that is because you can like the game, share it or comment your opinion. Personally I’ve seen many people become friends within Facebook groups just because they have the same passion and interest towards game development.


Also, one of the most important things is how you’re going to attract potential beta testers. People who want good results and a lot of user feedback will make an amazing promotional video. It’s like a trailer for a good movie, the better your video is, the more people you’re going to attract.

Game Business - Beta Testers

Source: Facebook – Indie Game Development Feedback (IGDF)

2. Reddit

Gaming apps are easily recognizable on Reddit since there are many beta testers inside different subreddits. The best subreddit you can use is r/gamedev with more than 284k followers. I’ve personally used that subreddit for publishing various articles, and received welcoming and positive feedback.

Of course I’ve received feedback with constructive criticism which can be harsh sometimes, but it’s the truth. If your game needs improvement, don’t be in denial and listen to the people who played it.

Game Business - Beta Testers

Source: Reddit – r/gamedev

3. Ubertesters

With Ubertesters you can test your app globally with experienced professional testers, on all types of real devices, platforms, locations, and carriers to ensure it is well-tested

Also while you can hire testers, you’re able to be a tester yourself. Many developers might learn from testing out other games which can lead to their personal improvement.

There are many pricing models that you can choose according to your needs and budget. Pricing starts as low as $25 per testing hour and if you’re not satisfied there’s a money back guarantee.

Game Business - Beta Testers

Source: Ubertesters home page

4. HackerNews

HackerNews is one of my own personal favorites for finding beta testers. The reason behind that is there are a lot of smart individuals which will share honest and brutal opinions about your game.


This site is one of the biggest groups of tech enthusiasts out there. If you’re able to get beta testers from HackerNews, you can be sure you’ve gained valuable feedback.

Game Business - Beta Testers

Source: Hackernews submit page

5. Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find beta testers since you’re able to write different hashtags to target the right audience. Some of them include: #betatesters #apptesting #betatesting #testmyapp #indiedevelopment #appdevelopers.

This is one of the easiest way to promote your game for free since you’re able to write most of these hashtags down in a single post.

Game Business - Beta testers

Source: Richtopia

Today we mostly covered social media platforms where you can find beta testers. In the near future we’re going to cover startup and beta directories. Currently we’re just scratching the surface of places where to find beta testers. But the things mentioned in this post will definitely give you good results.  

When you have found your beta testers, the next step is that your game becomes a viral one.

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